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“Best Fruits 17” EAD is a Bulgarian producer of juices, nectars and fruit drinks under the brands Florina and Strike. The company’s products are presented on international markets and have an established presence on 4 continents in countries such as China, USA, Great Britain, Greece, Romania , Cyprus, Macedonia, Ghana, Moldova, Scandinavian countries. The company offers both a wide portfolio of traditional and exotic fruit flavors, as well as unique products with recipes created according to taste understandings and consumer preferences for specific countries.

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    This is a brand story which began in 1993 in sunny Greece.

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    Four years later in 1997 the company owner of the brand invested in its first production plant in Bulgaria.

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    In 1999 Florina’s fruit juices won “Golden Lion” award at the “Produced in Bulgaria” national exhibition.

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    2000 – Florina won the “Golden Apple” award at InterEco international exhibition for organically clean products.


In the next few years Florina kept working hard in direction of brand building and meeting consumers' needs with taste and variety of flavors.

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    20 years since Florina brand’s entering the Bulgarian market.

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    A new kids range was launched. During the same year we entered a new product category – Ice Tea in three innovative flavors with lowered energy content. Peach and Passion fruit flavor won Golden medal for quality and innovation at the Interfood & Drink Bulgaria exhibition.

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    Florina vitalized the package design of the whole portfolio giving the consumer the variety of colors and flavors for any taste and any mood.

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    Until 2017, Florina entered 10 countries on 4 continents /China, USA, England, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Macedonia, France, Libya, Ghana/.

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    Florina Ice Tea range transferred into a new 500 ml cardboard packaging, and its launch was supported by massive Ice Tea FesTEAval campaign.

  • 1L

    Until 2020, Florina went through a redesign of the entire portfolio in 1l and 250ml cartons and started the production of nectars in 250ml glass packaging. For the first time, the brand added to its portfolio 100% direct juices in a convenient family package of 3l bag-in-box under a new sub-brand Florina Direct.

  • Icetea

    Florina renewed the design and taste of its Ice Tea line, which had an extremely positive effect on the product and the attitude of consumers.


In line with its commitment to using environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, Florina has also switched to a cardboard straw for its 250ml packaging, discontinuing the use of plastic. And from the end of 2022, our cardboard packaging was supplemented by an attached cap for easier recycling. Small changes with big implications for the environment.

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